Episode 20

Published on:

20th Apr 2022

Ready for Trial with Dana McLendon - Episode 20: Judge Sharon Guffee

Sharon Guffee is the Juvenile Court Judge in Williamson County, Tennessee. Judge Guffee served 8 years in juvenile services as Child Support Magistrate and Juvenile Magistrate before being elected Juvenile Judge. She has now served 10 years as the Williamson County Juvenile Judge. During the past eighteen years, Judge Guffee has heard 30,070 cases. Judge Guffee continues to work with local advocates, leaders, and others for the betterment of the community. For more information: https://www.reelectjudgeguffee.com

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Ready for Trial with Dana McLendon
A trial lawyer talks with lawyers, judges, and others in the profession about law and life.
Dana McLendon has been a lawyer based in Franklin, Tennessee since 1993. He's handled cases from Mountain City to Memphis. Dana has tried cases involving murders, drug dealers, dead cats, nasty divorces, you name it. In this podcast, Dana is giving you insight into how the practice of law really works. It’s not at all like what you see on television or in the movies. His guests are lawyers, judges, cops, prosecutors, public defenders, private investigators, court reporters, and the clients, the people who never wanted to be in a courthouse in the first place. The conversations are not just about law, but about life. Reach Dana at 615-310-3195 or danamclendon@icloud.com

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Dana McLendon has been a lawyer practicing in the trial and appellate courts of Tennessee since 1993. He practices primarily in criminal defense, family law, and general civil litigation. Dana is based in Franklin, Tennessee but practices anywhere in Tennessee. Contact Dana at 615-310-3195 or danamclendon@icloud.com